Science vs. Roe v Wade

Follow the Science?

50 years ago 7 men on the U. S. Supreme Court decided a baby not born yet is not a person, but science now says otherwise. What was unknown 50 years ago is no longer unknown. It is common knowledge now that a baby before birth is not just piece of tissue.

50 Years Ago

50 years ago there were no ultrasound machines so parents and doctors could watch their developing babies, and parents were not carrying around ultrasound photos of them. Parents didn’t even know until birth whether the baby was a girl or a boy. There were no home pregnancy tests, Internet, cell phones, flat screen TVs, electric cars, video games, satellite TV, streaming media, Wi-Fi, etc.; and understanding DNA was in its infancy.

50 Years Later

Now we have all of the above and much more, especially when it comes to the scientific facts about unborn babies. We now know that life begins at conception and that the DNA of the parents have created a totally unique new individual who has never existed before and never will again. The traits of the parents are passed on and determine the hair, eyes, and skin colors, the configuration of the face and body, and even aspects of intelligence and temperament.

The baby’s heartbeat can be detected just 18 days after conception, and brain waves can be measured in just 40 days. By the 9th and 10th week the baby’s body is sensitive to touch and pain. By the 12th week he or she has the facial characteristics of the parents and fingerprints that will be his lifetime identity. From this point on the only change will be an increase in size.

What Did Roe v. Wade Do?

Prior to Roe v. Wade the American Medical Association had urged state legislatures to pass laws to protect unborn children and prohibit abortion simply based upon the knowledge of conception, and this was done in every state.

But 50 years ago the majority of 7 Supreme Court Justices’ opinion was that legal personhood does not exist prenatally, and this struck down all state laws restricting abortion.

For the last 50 years the United States has been one of only 7 countries in the world that allow abortion up to the moment of birth. The remaining 188 countries either limit or completely ban abortion. Sadly the United States is in the company of China and North Korea in this, countries that are known for their horrific human rights violations.

Is It Time to Reverse the Decision of 7 Men from 50 Years Ago?

Is it time to follow the science?

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