Forced and Coerced Abortions

Deadly Forced Abortions

A College Romance Gone Bad

Ally Kostial was a popular University of University of Mississippi student who had dated and supposedly gotten pregnant by another U Miss student, Brandon Theesfeld. When Ally told him she was pregnant, he told her to get an abortion. According to other students he was really upset about the pregnancy and felt it would ruin his life and his future, plus he was dating someone else.

When Ally refused to get the abortion Theesfeld shot her multiple times and dumped her body near a lake. Theesfeld was arrested and finally pled guilty to escape the death sentence. He is now serving life in prison.

High School Sweethearts Story Has Terrible Ending

Breana Rouhselang was a high school cheerleader, and her boyfriend, Aaron Trejo, was a football player. This was another example of the dangers to expectant mothers whose boyfriends insist on abortion and they refuse.

Trejo admitted in court that he planned to murder Breana who was then 6 months pregnant. He stabbed her repeatedly in the heart, stuffed her body in a trash bag, and left her in a rubbish bin. Trejo has been sentenced to 65 years in prison for this gruesome murder.

Set on Fire for Refusing to Abort Her Twins

In January this year Detroit police arrested Devonne Marsh for dousing his girlfriend with lighter fluid and setting her on fire because she refused to abort their 6-month old unborn twins.

She is in critical condition with incredibly traumatic injuries according to the Detroit Police Commander. It is not yet known if the twins will survive. Marsh is being charged with multiple crimes.

These are not rare incidents. A 2021 study found that homicide is the number one cause of death among pregnant women.

Abortion Coercion in Abortion Clinics

Coercion of Illegal Immigrants

Mayra Rodriguez was the director of the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Arizona. However, after complaining about all the irregularities she saw, that got her fired. One of the worst things she reported was when her job was to attract the undocumented immigrant community to abort their children.

They coerced these mothers into abortion by telling them that if they go to a hospital and have their babies they could get deported for being here illegally. However, if they have an abortion the clinic won’t tell the authorities and no one will know. These poor mothers would abort their children because they were afraid to be deported and separated from their other children.

Mayra Rodriguez did not take her dismissal by Planned Parenthood and her treatment of these immigrants lightly. She eventually won a lawsuit under the Whistleblower Protection Act for $3 million for wrongful termination.

Sex Trafficking Abortions

Studies have shown that forced abortions are common among sex trafficking victims. Researchers found that 55 per cent of sex trafficking victims had at least one abortion and more than half said they were forced to have one or more abortions.

Abortions Advocated by Partners

Sadly research conducted in March of 2021 indicated that 42% of men advocated for their partners abortion. 31% didn’t give any advice at all, and 27% urged them to not have an abortion. Why did so many of these men suggest that their partners have an abortion? This is the breakdown:

39% said they weren’t ready to be a father
24% didn’t expect the relationship to last
17% said they had not completed their education
17% didn’t want others to know she was pregnant
14% didn’t want to pay child support

It’s interesting to note that every one of these reasons why they were urging their partners to abort their child was for their own self serving reasons, and none had anything to do with the well being of their partner or unborn child.

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