Early Abortions

Young girls are often shocked to have a positive pregnancy test and often think right away that having an abortion would solve their problems. No one would even need to know that they are pregnant, and it wouldn’t interfere with their lives as they are now.

Very early abortions are mostly done through chemical or medical abortions rather than surgical abortions. They are also called self-managed abortions and at-home abortions. These are done up to 10 weeks of pregnancy through the use of the so-called abortion pill or RU-486 when the baby is still quite small.

How Small Is the Baby In These Early Abortions?

These are photos of babies at 6 weeks and 10 weeks of pregnancy. This is the time period when most pregnancy tests are taken and pregnancy can be accurately determined.

At 6 weeks this baby is very, very tiny but physically developed with detectable brain waves and heartbeat. At 10 weeks he/she can fit in the palm of a hand and all systems are functioning.

How Does the Self-Managed/Pill Abortion Work?

The first pill (Mifepristone) blocks the hormone progesterone which is necessary for the normal growth of the baby. The next pills (Misoprostol) are taken several hours or days later to cause hard labor pains, expelling the baby.

It is recommended that the second group of pills be taken at home as that is where the actual abortion will take place and involves cramping and bleeding along with disposal of the aborted baby.

There should be a medical exam prior to their use, but the current Administration has changed FDA rules to allow the pills to be given by non-medical personnel or even dispensed through the mail. This is dangerous for the mother as there is no doctor to turn to in the event of complications. There is also no follow-up appointment required to be sure the abortion was complete.

Real Experiences

Melissa told her story:

I’m 16, and my boyfriend is 18. A week ago today I took the medical pill. Then Friday last week I took the four pills that make you basicslly to into abort. I started throwing up, and I felt the tissue come out. I looked in my underwear, and there was the baby fetus looking at me with one eye. It was horrible. I now regret it greatly, and wish I had my baby. I never thought I would regret it, but now I regret it more than anything. I will never forget looking at my dead child and saying I’m sorry while crying my eyes out.

Are There Complications From the Medication Abortion?

Yes. The FDA is no longer keeping records of complications, but before they stopped there had been 26 deaths and over 4,000 serious complications. As Ashley said:

This happened to me. I bled for 6 months straight. I paid $500 to bleed out for 6 months, only to find out that there was still fetal tissue attached to my uterus that was causing active blood flow. I would suggest no one use the abortion pill. I ended up in surgery because of it.

Abortion Pills Online

Don’t do it! There are so many scams to just get your money. You will have no idea what you are getting, and the dangers are huge.

What to Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy

Medical/chemical/self-managed/at-home/pill abortions are called by many names. Sometimes they are even sold as a way to restart your period. So are they simple, quick, and easy; or are they slow, bloody, and painful? Research carefully before you decide.

If you want to talk with someone about your pregnancy, you can get help at:

Pregnancy Help For Teens

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