Students for Life Banned from Womens March

Students for Life Banned from Women’s March


Students For Life BannedOn January 21 the Women’s March in Washington was supposed to be all inclusive, representing ALL women and their rights. However, when Students for Life applied to be a part of the March, they were banned without explanation. The group knew full well, however, that it was because they were pro-life women, which did not fit the agenda of the March leadership.

This was especially true since Planned Parenthood was a major supporter and organizer of the March, and they are also the largest abortion provider in the world. So much for an all-inclusive Women’s March.

The gutsy students from Students for Life were not about to have their voices silenced and their rights denied, however. They packed their bags, went to Washington, and lined up at the very front of the March. When the March started they unfurled their banners which read: Abortion Betrays Women and We Do Not Need Planned Parenthood. This was clearly a different opinion than Planned Parenthood, but this was also supposed to be an all-inclusive Women’s March.

It did not take long for the pro-abortion women at the March to become outraged at these determined students. They began booing and swearing, even threatening the Students for Life. In the end it was a man who grabbed the signs and ripped them up – a man at the Women’s March tearing up a woman’s sign. There is just something wrong with that.

The supposedly all-inclusive and peaceful March was definitely not that. The language used and other signs displayed were nothing short of vulgar and hateful. Even their keynote speakers were the same, with Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House. A number of these women had brought young children to the March, and they heard it all. Regardless of the views of various people, is this really the venue for small children to attend and hear the hatred being advocated?

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