A Campaign of Terror

Pregnancy Help Centers Being Firebombed

These centers that help women who want to continue their pregnancy are being viciously attacked because they do not do abortions!

This is a picture of a recent attack in Gresham, Oregon. Sadly, this is only one of dozens throughout the country being vandalized and set ablaze by a radical group called Jane’s Revenge who are angry about the upcoming US Supreme Court decision on abortion.

Attempts to Scare and Intimidate

Pregnancy Help Centers are nonprofit organizations that are helping women who do not want abortions. They provide help in all kinds of ways – emotional help, material help, physical help. They provide guidance for financial assistance, baby goods, diapers, doctors, housing, etc.

Manned primarily with volunteers, these attacks are purposely meant to scare them from returning with threats of violence not only to these centers but to the very people who give of their time there.

Trying to Put These Centers Out of Business

The destruction to these facilities is costly, and they exist on donations, not government funding. They charge no fees for their services either. Consequently, the financial burden of these attacks are attempts to shut them down and stop them from helping pregnant women who want to continue their pregnancies.

Attempt to Kill a US Supreme Court Justice

And now this campaign of terror has gone to the extreme of attempting to murder Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. The home addresses of the Supreme Court Justices have been made public, and demonstrations are occurring at all hours outside their homes, which is all against the law, but no one is stopping this.

Meanwhile, their children are being targeted at school and at church by this radical group called Ruth Sent Us.

These groups have threatened to burn down the Supreme Court, and now there was an attempt to kill Justice Kavanaugh in his own home. Nicholas Roske, age 26, flew from his home in California and went by taxi to Kavanaugh’s home. He was stopped by police outside the home with a gun, a knife, zip ties, pepper spray, duct tape, and tools to break in. Having admitted that he planned to assassinate Kavanaugh, he has been charged with attempted murder.

Another Summer of Death and Destruction?

There has been no outrage from President Biden or the White House over all of this. Will it continue to be allowed and called just a “peaceful protest” like it has been in the past?

Does a Supreme Court Justice or a volunteer at a pregnancy center have to die to stop this campaign of terror?

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