Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse and Incest

Incest & Sexual Abuse

Could you be a victim? It happens to more people than you think. Know what it is and what to do.

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Rape and Sexual Abuse Of Teens

Rape & Date Rape

73% of rape victims know their rapist. No means NO. Know what to do if this happens to you and how to avoid being a victim.

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Teen Victims Of Sexual Abuse and Rape

Sexual Abuse & Rape Stories

Teens tell their own stories of being victims of incest and sexual abuse and being raped or date raped.

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Teenagers Who Cut


I'm a cutter! Does cutting control you? Do you want to stop? If you're tired of hiding the scars, get help here.

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Stories About Teens That Cut Themselves

Cutting Stories

Real stories of teens who cut, why they did it, and whether they were able to stop.

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Pregnant? Need Help?

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Contact Teen breaks

Contact Us

Need advice, help, referrals, or just someone to talk to who won't judge? Or how about sending in your personal story, comments, and suggestions? We're only an e-mail away.

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Abortion News Stories

Abortion In The News

Current news about abortion, pregnancy, and how some celebrities are dealing with these issues.

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