Eric's Cutting Story


So I started to cut myself over and over again.

In 8th grade I thought I had found the perfect girl in my life. She was beautiful, kind, and always trying to find a way to surprise me. Well, a couple months later she sure did surprise me - with another guy.

She swore she would always love me, but then she stopped talking, and we stopped seeing each other. Then I found out she had sex with another guy.

At that time I was totally attached to her, and I thought I was going to die without this girl. So I started to cut myself over and over again.

I learned two very important things from my past - #1 don't get attached to people when you THINK you know them and #2 don't hurt yourself or the one you love. It will only create more pain and problems.

Stories From Teens Abouth Their Self-Cutting


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