Katie's Relationship Story


I was really glad that I didn't give in.

When I was 12 I had my first real boyfriend. He was three years older than me and at first seemed like an awesome guy. He waited 6 months to ask me out. Turns out he was a big A--. He tried to pressure me into many things, including sex. I was really glad that I didn't give in. In 7th grade I was single the whole year, and in 8th grade I got a boyfriend who was sweet and didn't try anything. But that didn't work out because we ended up going to different schools. Now I have a new boyfriend. He is better than anyone I have ever met. After four days of going out he asked me what I like about him and what I want in a high school relationship, etc. That just proved that he is a mature and sweet guy. He told me he does not want to pressure me into anything. I really believe he is my soul mate. What I'm trying to get out there is look for that one guy. He is closer than you think.

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