Amanda's Relationship Story


After he did this he got up and left.

I got pregnant at the age of 14 with a 17-year-old guy. I am only in my 5th month, and he already left! We planned this! It was so hard to believe that he would do this after everything. Now I'm undecided on what I'm going to do. He doesn't want to be a part of our son's life. He says he's not ready! But I'm supposed to be? I just thought everything would go as planned. Never happened. He's now 18 and living in another state. After he did this he got up and left. We stayed together for about a month after he found out, and then he broke up with me. Its really hard trying to figure out how I'm gonna go to school and try to take care of my son. But in my heart I know I can do it, with love and God!

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