Tiffany's Teen Parenting Story

Tiffany Teen Parent

I had to keep my little girl

Well, I started having unprotected sex at 14. Then four days after my 15th birthday I took a pregnancy test because I had missed my period. I was pregnant! I was so scared. I told the baby's father, and he was shocked but didn't seem to care much.

His mother told me to get an abortion and told me how much she hated the baby. I had a lot of thinking to do. My parents told me that no matter what my decision was they would support me all the way.

I was definitely considering adoption. The father of the baby was too. He said that would be the best idea. But after the first BIG kicks, I could not give this baby up. In July I had a beautiful baby girl. She was three weeks premature. My family is supporting me 100%, and I am taking care of my baby.

The father's father and mother are the only ones who know about our baby on his side. His own sister doesn't even know that she has a niece. I'm not getting any help from their side.

I'm now in 11th grade, getting a 4.0, and planning on graduating early in an alternative school. I'm even looking into some universities. The school's principal told me that I have a high chance of getting a full scholarship! People always tried to tell me that I couldn't do it, but I proved everyone wrong. I did it!

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Keep Their Baby and Become a Parent.


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