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Pregnant and need help?
You can talk with someone by phone, e-mail, text, chat live online or be shown where there is a pregnancy center near you. And remember, everything is confidential and free!


Click above to chat live or text "TEEN" to 313131.

Life B-4 birth shows fetology photos and descriptions of how YOU grew each month from conception to birth.

Might be pregnant? Just had sex and worried? A missed period isn't the only symptom of pregnancy. Check these out.

Girls who parented tell their own stories about the pros and cons of parenting and how things worked out for them.

Girls who aborted talk about what their abortion was like, why they chose abortion, and how they feel now.

Girls who adopted reveal why they chose adoption for their child, what it was like for them, and what they're doing now.

Pregnant? Need help? You're not alone! Get help here!

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