Kristen's Teen Adoption Story

Kristen Makes The Decision To Give Her Baby Up For Adoption

I know in my heart that I did the right thing

I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant. I went to a Catholic school. I had always been brought up pro-life, so the decision to have my baby and give her up for adoption was one I made early on. I knew telling my parents would break their hearts, but I also knew that when people say that an abortion is just getting rid of a "blob," they are wrong.

I knew that a baby's heart starts beating very soon after conception. I knew that in the first trimester my baby would be fully developed and just need a place to grow, and I knew that this baby needed life. Dismembering a baby, no matter at what stage of pregnancy, is just wrong. I couldn't imagine the pain they must feel.

I finally told my parents when I was four months pregnant, and they were shocked and heart broken, just as I thought they would be. I told them I was going to give my baby up for adoption. Five months later I had a little 7-pound baby, and I named her Kayla. I got to feed her and diaper her for the two days I was in the hospital, and then it was time to go home.

Every minute of my pregnancy and labor was worth it when I found out the people who adopted her had been waiting seven years for a baby! Their lives were complete when their new daughter was placed in their home. I will always be okay with placing my baby for adoption because I know in my heart that I did the right thing. I gave a human life; I didn't take it away.

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