Katrina's Teen Adoption Story

Katrina decides on adoption

I know that my baby is experiencing life as he should be

I was only fifteen when I told my mom, "Mom, I have to talk to you." I said, "Promise me you won't hate me or be mad at me." Then I pulled a slip of paper from my pocket. It said, "Positive pregnancy test. See a doctor."

I knew my mom would be so disappointed in me. I was just her little girl, and at that point I felt like such a little girl.

But I am very lucky to have two wonderful parents who would stand by me. They called a pregnancy help center in our city and made an appointment. We all went; and although we were overwhelmed with the situation, they offered us hope and encouragement. When we thought that life as we knew it had ended, they showed us that life was really just beginning.

We all realized that we could make good of a difficult situation through adoption. Even though my parents would have to give up their first grandchild and I would have to give up my baby, we were all at peace with this journey.

Now, many months later, I am able to return to being a teenage girl, experiencing life as it should be at my age. And while I finish growing up, I know that my baby is experiencing life as he should be too, under the love and direction of two committed parents.

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Keep Their Baby and Become a Parent.


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