Jessica's Teen Adoption Story

Jessica choses on adoption

I still get to see the baby

I am 15 years old and 6 months pregnant. I was a good kid. I went to church every Sunday, taught dance lessons at my local dance studio, and was known as a role model. My boyfriend was well liked by my family. We always used condoms, but I guess it had a leak or was ripped or something.

I am fortunate that my mom and boyfriend are with me in this. I struggled a long time over whether or not to keep my baby, but I have finally decided to give her up for an open adoption. I love my unborn daughter and want her to have the best.

I am due in three months and have already decided to name my baby. Her name will be Mallory. I am excited that even though I can't raise her, I feel blessed that I can still see my daughter as she grows up.

This baby has helped me in so many ways. Before I got pregnant I wasn't the best student. Now my grades are up so that I can go to college, get a good job, and have my daughter be able to say, "That's my mom. She may have gotten pregnant at 15, but she did what was best for me and didn't give up in life. Because of that I am proud to say that she is my mother."


Thanks for all the support your website has given me! I sent you my story back in October when I was six months pregnant. I gave birth to my daughter, Mallory Elizabeth, on January 12. My delivery was hard and long, but I had the support of my mom and my boyfriend, who were with me when my daughter was born.

On January 16 we gave our baby to her new family. It was very hard for my boyfriend and me, but we feel lucky because we are blessed to have an open adoption, and our baby's new family lives only ten minutes away!!

I just wanted to thank you for all the support I have gotten through your website. After reading about all the girls who parented, adopted, or aborted, it helped me realize that I am lucky that I have my boyfriend here for me and loving me and Mallory and that I made the right decision for my daughter. Thanks again SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Keep Their Baby and Become a Parent.


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