Jen's Abortion Story


Over a year later I still cry every day

I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, but deep down inside of me I felt a sense of happiness and hope. My parents and my boyfriends parents all wanted me to have an abortion. Nobody supported me, and nobody asked me what I wanted to do. I felt as if I had no control or say in what happened.

I resisted all the way to the clinic. I cried in the waiting room for almost six hours telling my parents how I did not want to have an abortion. My mom kept telling them to give me more drugs, and my dad kept telling me I had no choice, that this was not up to me.

Over a year later I still cry every day. It has caused me so many emotional and mental problems. I have an eating disorder, depression, and now a drinking problem and fear of intimacy. I long for a child, and nothing will ever replace the baby that I had. NOTHING.

If you think that you are pregnant and truly feel in your heart that you want to keep your baby, do not let ANYBODY, not your partner or even your parents, force or convince you that you should get an abortion. Abortions are not right, and you will not be quite right ever again if you get one. I know I never will be.

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Have An Abortion.


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