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I am a premed student going to Miami University. To say that keeping things pure in my relationships has been easy couldn't be farther from the truth. If you think it's hard to be pure in high school, remaining abstinent in college is even harder. Yet it is definitely worth it. I have truly come to believe that if I genuinely love a person I will respect them enough to wait until I can develop a true and lasting relationship before I have sex with them.

As a premed student I can tell you that sex is designed specifically for the procreation of a species. In addition, the psychological implications of a sexual relationship are HUGE! Sex is truly a tool that should be utilized to develop a loving and lasting relationship that will last a lifetime. If you really want something to last with the person you are interested in I strongly encourage you to build a relationship and deep bond first before having sex.

In several cases I have been extremely sexually attracted to an individual and later found that it wasn't truly mutual or that the person I was attracted to really didn't match me at all. As a result I avoided making a huge mistake and having a massive drama by not having sex with them. Abstinence is the logical approach from the viewpoint of the biological purpose of sex. Keep it special and then you won't get bored with it like so many people do.

If you are a virgin or wishing to begin a path of virginity then I applaud you for your determination and sound logic. It's not easy; but honestly, it allows a person to step away from the passionate side of his/herself and become aware of a world that is more than sex. HAHA contrary to popular belief.... there is WAY more to life than sex!!!

-- Andrew

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