Tina's Abortion Story


I will always regret having the abortion.

When I was 13 I got pregnant from my boyfriend who was 17. When he drove me to the clinic and I found out I was pregnant, I broke down crying. He was supportive of me the whole time. I decided three days later to have the abortion. During the abortion I felt numb. I was in denial the whole time.

It finally hit me a couple of weeks later what I had done. I felt depressed, and sleeping became harder and harder. My appetite was nearly gone and I would cry uncontrollably for hours. Even now I have to take sleeping pills to even get a little shut eye. I haven't had the heart to tell anyone except my current boyfriend who is 14.

I will always regret having the abortion. The thing that bothers me most is seeing other girls pregnant or with babies. It makes me think about what my child would have been like. If any of you are thinking about getting pregnant, consider the long term results and make sure you know all of your options before aborting the baby. Had I known there were a lot of other choices, I would not have had an abortion.

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Have An Abortion.


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