The Abortion Pill

Abortion PillThere is not just one pill; there are several. Mifepristone is the first pill and works by blocking the hormone (progesterone) produced in your own body, which is necessary for the normal growth of your baby and maintenance of your pregnancy. The second pill(s) (prostaglandin) is used several hours or days later to cause hard labor, thus dispelling the body of the dead baby.

The first pill is given to the patient in a clinic by a doctor or "certified health care provider." The second pill or pills are given to the patient to bring home and take when it is convenient for her to have the actual abortion. As she will experience heavy cramping and bleeding for several hours after taking these, the clinic will recommend that she be prepared to be at home where she can make herself as comfortable as possible, take pain medications, etc. Although abortion pill abortions are often described as being easy, safe, and simple, it is the patient who must deal with completing the abortion herself and disposing of her dead baby. Patients are not told that when the abortion is complete they will be looking at the bodies, the eyes, the hands, etc., at home in their toilet bowls, shower drains, or underwear.

Melissa describes her abortion pill experience

I'm 16, and my boyfriend is 18. A week ago today I took the medical pill. Then Friday last week I took the four pills that make you basically go into labor. I started throwing up, and I felt the tissue come out. I looked in my underwear, and there was the baby fetus looking at me with one eye. It was horrible.

I now regret it greatly and wish I had my baby. I never thought I would regret it, but now I regret it more than anything, and not a day will go by that I won't tell that child how sorry I am. I will never forget looking at my dead child and saying I'm so sorry while crying my eyes out.

Abortion pill abortions are done up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and cost up to $800 according to Planned Parenthood, depending upon where you live and whether you have insurance, etc.