Teen Who Lost Parts of Both Legs in Failed Abortion Excels in High School Wrestling

Lost Legs AbortionNik Hoot was never meant to be alive. He was meant to be aborted. His biological parents from Siberia, Russia, wanted him aborted; but the abortion was botched; and only parts of his lower legs and parts of his hands were taken by the abortionist. When Nik was born after the attempted abortion at 24 weeks he was put up for adoption.

Fortunately Nik was adopted by Marvin and Apryl of Woodburn, Indiana. Nik joined a family of nine children, five of whom have birth defects and were adopted as well.

The Hoots and their children are an inspiration to everyone showing that defects can be overcome and no one should be told what they can and can't do. Nik excelled from an early age and played football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling.

This year Nik made it to the wrestling semi state championships, where only the best of the best are allowed and ended the season with 24 wins and 11 loses.