Rachel's Abortion Story


I will always regret having the abortion.

I had my abortion when I was 19 and my boyfriend was 22. I found out that I was pregnant on a Saturday afternoon and had the abortion the following Tuesday morning. Now who can make an important decision rationally like that in two days? The people at the clinic never encouraged me to tell my parents or a clergyman, even though they knew I wasn't married.

No one explained to me that I would undergo so many emotional, psychological, and mental after effects. By the way, I was chosen in a class of 30 students as "the most stable." Those people at the clinic, though, never told me about the beginning of life, of the fetus growing. They just told me about the "blob of tissue" to be vacuumed out.

They never told me about the depression, anger, anxiety, fears, and self-hatred that I would experience after the abortion. They didn't tell me I would lose sleep and my appetite for weeks or continue to be uneasy around babies, children, pregnant women and people in general because I thought I was such a terrible person. They never told me I'd hate myself, that I'd have suicidal thoughts.

But the saddest thing for anyone affected by abortion - the saddest thing is that it's irreversible.

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Have An Abortion.


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