Planned Parenthood Unveiled

Planned Parenthood AbortionsYou have probably heard about the expose videos of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts, which have certainly changed Planned Parenthood's image and favorability. However, that's not the only thing causing the unveiling of this abortion giant. People like Abby Johnson have left their careers at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and joined the pro-life side. Abby went to work for Planned Parenthood in 2001 in Texas and became the Health Center Director. What could possibly cause such a dramatic change? Partly it was the push to increase abortion quotas; partly it was because of expanding late term abortions; but ultimately it was watching a 13-week baby trying to survive the abortion procedure.

Now Abby is talking about her abortion experiences in television commercials and speeches across the country, as well as urging others to leave the abortion profession.

No one is more believable on an issue than someone who has been there and done that. Sue Thayer is another such person. Sue worked for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa. When the Iowa Planned Parenthood decided to implement webcam abortions she was horrified. When she spoke against it, she was fired.

Sue is now the Lead Strategist for Iowa Right to Life and speaks openly about Planned Parenthood's efforts to deceive women. As a result of this unveiling of Iowa Planned Parenthood, since 2012 Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Iowa have decreased from 26 locations to 13.

Meanwhile, there was a need to reach out to other abortion clinic workers who were caught in a difficult position - not agreeing with what they were doing but questioning how they could get out of it. Along came a new organization ATTWN - And Then There Were None. They began reaching out to these women, and Planned Parenthood quickly tried to stop their outreach. Planned Parenthood sent out e-mails to staff warning them to not contact this new group. Fortunately, that tactic backfired, as more and more women learned about ATTWN.

Like Abby Johnson and Sue Thayer, many other abortion clinic workers had similar eye-opening experiences. Now a total of 197 abortion clinic workers have left the business, and six of them are abortion clinic doctors who have stopped performing abortions to become pro-life advocates. This accounts for one in 16 abortion clinic employees leaving the abortion business.

Bit by bit the curtain has opened, unveiling the real Planned Parenthood, and revealing the number of deaths and emergency complications incurring at their clinics. They used to be perceived as women's health clinics, and they often advertised their support for breast cancer screening. However, it is now known that they don't own a single mammogram machine and the President of Planned Parenthood testified before Congress that they have never done a mammogram. Practically no one knew that they are the largest abortion provider in the country. This truth is far different than the perception they promoted for many years.

Back in 1989 a Gallup poll showed that Planned Parenthood had a favorability rating of 82%. At that time most people didn't even know that Planned Parenthood did abortions. However, by 2012 a Quinnipiac poll showed a drop to 55% favorability. Clearly all of the work by pro-life forces was beginning to have an effect. Then in August of 2015 their favorability had dropped to only 37% according to a Monmouth University poll. It is highly likely that this drop was a result of the expose videos on Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, in spite of the mainstream media?s attempts to ignore and discredit the videos.

Planned Parenthood's reputation was protected by the Government and by most of the mainstream media; that is, until social media came into being and things began to change, resulting in the unveiling of the very gruesome practices of the largest abortion provider in the world.