Planned Parenthood Exposed

Planned Parenthood Falsehoods Revealed

Planned Parenthood AbortionsFor decades now Planned Parenthood has comfortably cruised along with the half billion dollars received from taxpayers and the money they receive from doing over 320,000 abortions annually. Planned Parenthood was perceived to be exactly what the name projects - planned parenthood - and a health facility for women. Gradually that perception began to decay. Many of the things they claimed were proven to be false. For example:

Abortions only accounted for 3% of their business - FALSE - They are the largest abortion provider in the nation with over 320,000 last year.

Their cancer screening was vital to women - FALSE - Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, admitted that not a single clinic has a mammogram machine.

They did not make profit by selling aborted baby body parts - FALSE - Congressional investigations are in progress investigating their trafficking in fetal parts.

Incriminating Undercover Videos

How did all this information on Planned Parenthood come to light? It was from the dedicated and gutsy work by David Daleiden from the Center for Medical Progress and Lila Rose, President of Live Action.

Their undercover videos have revealed the true picture of Planned Parenthood. These two millennials (Daleiden is 28 and Lila Rose started Live Action at 15) have done a tremendous service in exposing the mammoth misuse of taxpayer dollars, including the $500,000 salary of Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards.

Additional Falsehoods - Prenatal Care

Pregnancy and Planned ParenthoodDo all Planned Parenthood clinics offer prenatal care for women who do not want to abort? – NO

After Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, referred to prenatal care as the kind of service folks depend on Planned Parenthood for, an investigation revealed that out of 97 clinics contacted, 92 did not offer any type of prenatal care.

This was exposed through an undercover video from Live Action. Following the exposure, Planned Parenthood clinics removed all reference to prenatal care from their websites.

Ultrasounds for Pregnant Women

Baby Ultrasound PregnancyDoes Planned Parenthood offer ultrasounds for pregnant women who want to keep their babies? - NO - Only if they are going to have an abortion!

Yet another Live Action investigative video quoted Planned Parenthood staffers stating that they only do ultrasounds when they are doing abortions and that ultrasounds for prenatal care is not something they offer. It seems the ultrasound is only used to determine the gestational age and position in the womb for the purpose of exterminating the baby.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Sales Quotas

In yet another just released video, former Planned Parenthood employees are revealing the constant pressure the staff is under to meet abortion sales quotas. There are no quotas for any other services – only abortion.

If you met your quota, you were rewarded with pizza parties and paid time off. If you did not meet your quota, you need to have a corrective plan to meet it in the future.

It was revealed that employees are trained to manipulate women into abortion by bringing up the costs of continuing their pregnancies and having their babies. After pointing out the high costs of raising a child, the women are asked if termination would be their smartest choice.

Defunding Planned Parenthood

The U.S. Congress will be voting sometime this year on defunding Planned Parenthood. It is expected that Planned Parenthood will spend millions on television commercials to try to sway Congress and public opinion and will undoubtedly deny everything that has been revealed. However, actual videos, audios, and testimony from former employees will be to their detriment and are nearly impossible to ignore.