Planned Parenthood Pays $2 Million For Botched Abortion

Planned ParenthoodIt appears that Planned Parenthood’s advertisements for safe legal abortions are not always that safe.  24-year-old Tanya Reeves was 16 weeks pregnant when she went to the Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for her abortion.  Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong, and Tonya Reeves lost her life that day.

According to the autopsy report the abortion itself was incomplete and her uterus was perforated causing extensive hemorrhage and ultimately her death.  Records show that after the abortion Reeves bled extensively at the clinic for over 5 hours without medical treatment.  Late in the afternoon when a fire department ambulance finally arrived she was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

From there it took several more hours before the emergency room staff could determine the extent of her injuries.  Had she not been left untreated for all those hours, the hospital staff might have been able to save her.  As it was, they performed a second abortion to complete the removal of the retained fetal remains, but this did not improve her condition.  She was then given an ultrasound, which revealed the massive bleeding.  The hospital then performed a hysterectomy to try to stop the hemorrhaging, but it was all in vain.

Reeves has a two-year-old son, Alvin Jones III, who will be the recipient of  the $2 million settlement when he reaches the age of 18; but as Reeves’ family says, no amount of money can replace his mother.