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Abortion PA

Abortion Philadelphia

PhiladelphiaSo the pregnancy test came out positive; and now you're pregnant and scared, looking for an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, PA. But do you know what abortion is, how it's done, and what the possible complications are? Before you make an appointment or walk into a Philadelphia abortion clinic, you need to get all of the facts you can to make a decision you can live with.

Did you know that ten people were arrested at one Philadelphia clinic last year and charged with murder following a botched abortion from an overdose of anesthetics? It was also found that this Philadelphia clinic's staff were untrained and unlicensed. One was even a 15-year-old high school student.

Are you thinking abortion is your only option? Are you feeling alone and afraid to tell your boyfriend or family? Maybe you have told them, but they're not being very supportive. Lots of girls in Philadelphia have been in your place. You can read their true stories of what they did, how it turned out, and how they feel now.

You don't have to get pushed into abortion, because there's lots of help available to you right here in Philadelphia - help for you both during and after your pregnancy. Remember, this is your body, your baby, and your choice. Be sure you know all the facts before you make it.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Abortion

Abortion Pennsylvania PA
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