New York Legalizes Abortion Up to Birth

New York Legalizes Abortion

In a shocking move, the New York state legislature passed a bill to legalize abortion in New York State up to birth, and Governor Cuomo quickly signed it. The Governor celebrated this passage by lighting up the World Trade Center in pink.

This was not called an abortion bill but went under the guise of the Reproductive Health Act.

This new law erases the previous law, which allowed abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy, and now allows abortion at any time to the moment of birth under the pretext of health.

In addition, safeguards were previously in place requiring that abortions be performed by physicians. This is no longer the case. Abortions can now be performed by a variety of medical professionals.

Finally, the laws protecting the unborn babies of pregnant women in domestic violence cases are gone. Previous New York law treated the murder of an unborn child in the third trimester of pregnancy as a felony with a punishment of up to seven years in prison. Now, however, unborn children are not considered to be persons, so there can be no punishment.

New York State now has the most extreme abortion laws in the country with no protection whatsoever for any child before birth.