Macy's Dumps Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood No Longer Funded By Macy'sPlanned Parenthood has long benefited from huge donations from a number of large companies and corporations, but with the disclosure of Planned Parenthood's practice of profiting from the sale of aborted baby parts, these companies are dropping out one by one.

With pro-life groups calling it a miracle on 34th Street and a Christmas miracle, Macy's announced on December 7 that they are dropping their funding of Planned Parenthood. Macy's is joining other giants like AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, and Xerox who have also dropped their support of Planned Parenthood following the undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood's practices.

For years Planned Parenthood has portrayed their activities as helping women in a number of women's health areas like breast cancer screening, and who wouldn't support that? However, during Congressional hearings it was revealed that Planned Parenthood doesn't even have mammogram machines for this screening.

They also claimed that only 3% of their services are for abortion, but this too was dispelled during Congressional hearings when it was revealed that the bulk of their income is from abortion services.

These corporations, along with individual donations, make up over 25% of Planned Parenthoo's $1.3 billion in yearly income. As their lies are revealed, more and more of these companies who are uncomfortable with their activities will drop their support as well.