Kelly's Abortion Story


Mine has been pain and shame

I was 17 years old and very scared. My boyfriend and I skipped school and we drove to Chicago. When we got there the first thing they asked for was money. Then they asked for my name. I was taken into a large room with many other girls and given a gown. A woman stood in the front and told us we would feel some discomfort but not much more than a female exam. We were then lined up in single file. I remember feeling like I was a cow being led to a slaughterhouse, but I quashed those feelings.

Then we were taken, one by one, into a small room where the abortion would take place. The abortionist was cold. Never said a word. Just put me in the position. The sound was horrible, as was the pain. After it was over I was taken back to the small cubicle where I had left my clothes. I was not told anything about the mental anguish and the physical pain I would feel.

Finally we drove home, and on the way I fell asleep. I guess maybe that was my way out. We arrived at my house. My boyfriend awakened me with sort of a slap. He said, "You're home." That's all he said. My seven-week-old baby was gone.

Mine has been pain and shame, and I stand here today and say, "Abortion is wrong!"

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Have An Abortion.


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