The Choice to Not Abort

Bucket ListAbortion is supposed to be a choice, but why is it that some pro-choice people cannot tolerate the choice to NOT abort?

Case in point: Jenna Gassew and Dan Haley, a young couple from Pennsylvania, discovered when Jenna was 13 weeks pregnant that their baby boy had a rare defect. Their baby was a victim of anencephaly, a terminal defect which results in the lack of a large part of the brain and skull.

Most people would expect them to abort the baby and try again, but these two young parents chose to continue the pregnancy. In fact, as devout Catholics, they decided to make the most of a very, very difficult situation. It was their choice to chronicle the pregnancy and ultimate birth and death of their young son.

It turned into an amazing journey for Jenna, Dan, and baby Shane when they created a bucket list for their baby and documented it all on a facebook page called Prayers for Shane. Their bucket list included all the things that parents naturally want to show their children. The only difference was that Shane could only participate prenatally in this journey. They took him on trips, to baseball games, and to their favorite childhood places, each time documenting the events with photos and comments on the facebook page. They even painted Jenna's baby bump with a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. The facebook page grew and grew, and so did the followers.

ShanePeople posted prayers and stories of their own children, as well as many, many messages of support. All of these followers supported the three of them throughout the pregnancy. When Shane was born on October 9, the photos were published, and the outpouring continued. Sadly, little Shane lived only a few hours, but he was baptized into the Catholic faith with all his family present.

This family's support from the facebook page helped them through their journey, even though they knew how the story would ultimately end. They treasured this support every day. They knew that Shane was loved by many throughout his short life, and that brought them peace and gratitude.

Sadly, just two days later the unthinkable happened. Someone hacked into the Prayers for Shane facebook page, posting explicit images, and removing supportive comments. Needless to say, they were distraught and heartsick that someone would do such a horrible thing. Jenna feared that all those memories would be lost forever.

It was this couple's choice to not abort their baby. How can some pro-choice people be so hateful because they disagreed with this choice?

The good news is that Facebook came to the rescue and was able to restore all of their tributes. To date the page has received nearly 1 million likes.