Ashlee's Abortion Story


I just want my baby in my arms!

I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. When I told my boyfriend who I've been dating for almost two years, at first we were really scared, but we were excited too and really wanted to raise our baby. I never thought abortion would come into play.

When we finally told our parents, things changed for the bad!!!!! Our moms decided that the best thing to do was to have an abortion, and I didn't get a say! Two weeks later his mom took me to the clinic. It was the scariest thing in my life, and I regret it every day. There isn't a day that passes when I don't wish I would have just walked out!!!

Really think about what you're doing and if this is really what YOU want, not everyone else!!!!! I just want my baby in my arms!!

Stories From Girls Who Decided To Have An Abortion.


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