Abortion Survivors

Babies That Survived An Abortion

Teens Who Survived An Attempted Abortion

1. Attempted abortion survivors. These are people who survived an actual abortion attempt. In other words, the abortion failed to kill them.

2. Twin abortion survivors. These are people whose twin was aborted but they themselves survived.

3. Sibling abortion survivors. These are people born into families where a brother or sister was aborted.

Put yourself in their places. What is it like to know that your own parent attempted to kill you before you were born? Or, why was your brother or sister aborted and you were not? These are the terrible issues which abortion survivors have faced and dealt with. There are many abortion survivors. Here is a sampling of their stories:

Gianna Jessen

My name is Gianna Jessen... I was aborted, and I did not die. My biological mother was 7 months pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood in southern California, and they advised her to have a late-term saline abortion.

A saline abortion is a solution of salt saline that is injected into the mother's womb. The baby then gulps the solution. It burns the baby inside and out, and then the mother is to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours.

This happened to me! I remained in the solution for approximately 18 hours and was delivered ALIVE... in a California abortion clinic. There were young women in the room who had already been given their injections and were waiting to deliver dead babies. When they saw me the abortionist was not yet on duty and had me transferred to the hospital.

I was aborted and I did not die!

I should be blind, burned... I should be dead! And yet, I live! Due to a lack of oxygen supply during the abortion I live with cerebral palsy.

When I was diagnosed with this, all I could do was lie there. They said that was all I would ever do! Through prayer and hard work by my foster mother, I was walking at age 3 with the help of a walker and leg braces. At that time I was also adopted into a wonderful family. Today I am left only with a slight limp. I no longer have need of a walker or leg braces.

...Death did not prevail over me... and I am so thankful!


I was 12 years old when I found out my aunt had tried to abort my cousin, Sean, who is now 5 years old. I was devastated, but the news I heard next was even worse. I learned she had already aborted three previous children who would have been my beautiful cousins.

The only reason she did not abort Sean was because every time she went to the doctor for a pregnancy test, it did not show that she was pregnant. By the time she found out she really was pregnant, our state would not allow for the abortion, and she decided she didn't want to travel to another state for the abortion.

I stand against abortion. Knowing that three of my cousins were aborted and Sean was almost aborted hurts me deeply. So, girls, know that when you abort, it affects everyone, not just you and your child.


My mother had an abortion before she had me. Not too long after, she found out she was pregnant again. She decided that time to go for adoption instead of abortion. However, at the last minute she changed her mind, so I live with her now.

She never married, and for twelve years I grew up an only child and was spoiled. Then my father came for a visit, and later my mother announced she was yet again pregnant. I didn't know what to think. I had grown up all by myself, and now there was someone else to share my attention with. I feel left out, like this new baby has taken over.

If my mother had never gotten that abortion, I would not be going through some of the depression I am now because I would have grown up with a sibling all my life and would, without a doubt, be better off, for I would probably not be such a loner and so used to getting all the attention.

Sarah Smith

My mother's choice was my death sentence. My mother, Betty, had an abortion... A few weeks after that she was sitting at home reading when the book on her stomach began to bounce up and down. That's when she knew she was still pregnant... with ME!

"I'm so sorry, Betty," the doctor told her when she went back to him, "You were carrying twins."

Although a second abortion was suggested, my mother refused and instead brought me to term. I was born with bilateral congenital dislocated hips, a condition for which I've had dozens of operations. It hasn't stopped me from pursuing my medical studies, though, or from speaking out whenever I can for the right to life.

I have forgiven my parents for trying to abort me, and I forgive the abortionist who killed my twin brother and who almost killed me. I often think of my brother, Andrew James, whom nobody can replace.

"My Mother's Choice Was My Death Sentence".

I believe that the way of truth, love, and God's grace is the only way to deal with the abortion tragedy. I would like to call all people to stand with me to defend the right to life of all persons. There are many alternatives to abortion. Nobody needs to sacrifice her child, no matter what anyone says.


When I was 3 years old I saw my mom on TV. She was speaking to a man about how she killed her baby and regretted it. As she told her story and how she became a pro-life speaker, I watched and listened. My grandma didn't think I was old enough to understand.

When my mom picked me up that night I asked her why she killed my brother or sister and why she didn't kill me. My mom said she was in shock that her 3-year-old would ask these questions. She answered them the best she could for me, and as I got older I learned more.

Now my mom and I are pro-life speakers. She has been one for almost 15 years, and I just started last year. My mom was 18 when she had the abortion, and I'm now 17.

"I thank God I'm alive."

I thank God I'm alive. I'm still sad to know I have an older brother or sister who was denied the chance to LIVE - something we all take for granted. I hope someday we will meet. That's why I do what I do.