Abortion News



Late Term Abortions

Abortion Survivors Speak Out

PTSD for Abortion Clinic Workers

New York Legalizes Abortion Up to Birth

Dangers, Deaths, New Studies & Reversals for The Abortion Pill

Attempts to Silence and Destroy 3 New Films On the Topic of Abortion

Roe v. Wade and What Do Millennials Know?

What Is The Abortion Pill?

If You Are Pro-Life and Republican, Should You Be a Target?

Will He Be Convicted?

Planned Parenthood Falsehoods Revealed

Angry Women's March - The Contrasting Tale of Two Marches

Jimmy Kimmel Announces "Baby Hosting"

Macy's Dumps Planned Parenthood

Actress Nicole Scherzinger Has Pro-Life Message

Girls Helped by TeenBreaks.com Speak Out

Big Bang Theory Does It Again

House Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Doubles Down

Woman Fakes Cancer to Get a Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Abortion: Legal Yes - Safe No

Adopted Little Girl Becomes Best Athlete in the World

Two Olympic Athletes Combine Their Athletic Careers and Motherhood

Opposition to Abortion Grows In the Millennial Population

LEGO Baby Ultrasound

After 1,200 Abortions Dr. Anthony Levatino Gives Strong Testimony

"The Big Bang Theory" Calls Unborn Child a "Person"

Super Bowl Doritos Commercial Infuriates Abortion Activists

Planned Parenthood Unveiled

Planned Parenthood and Supporters Resorting to Gutter Tactics

University of Hawaii Recruiting for Abortion Experiment

Actor Dean Cain to Star in Film About American's Worst Serial Killer

Abortion and the Internet - Don't be a Victim
Do You Have a Right to Know If Your Abortion Can Be Reversed?

Connection Between Teen Abortion and Breast Cancer

The Choice to Not Abort
GoFundMe Site for Woman's Abortion Shut Down
A Pro-Choice Option Not Being Offered
Do Women Who Abort Face A Higher Risk of Breast Cancer?
Teen Abortion On The Decline
Teen Fights Pressure To Keep Her Child
How Much Does An Abortion Cost?
Sexual Assault And The Homecoming Queen Who Almost Wasn't
Self Cutting As A result Of Having An Abortion.
Abortion Rate In The US Declining. Abortion Clinics Closing.
Selling Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist and Guys Writing Manuals On How To Get An Abortion.


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