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Abortion in MadisonPositive pregnancy test got you scared and looking for abortion clinics in Madison, Wisconsin? Is your boyfriend telling you that abortion will solve your/his problem, or is he there for you? Is your family pressing for abortion or being supportive? Did you know that statistically 64% of girls in Madison and nationwide are pressured into abortion?

Before you walk into a Madison abortion clinic, you should have all the facts first. You can read real stories of girls who aborted and how it affected their lives. Abortion is permanent and can't be reversed, and you are the only one who will be dealing with the after effects, so no one should have an abortion to please someone else.

It's possible to get help from a rational, experienced, non-family source to help you work through your feelings and come to a decision that is what YOU want. Abortion can affect you physically and emotionally, and these can be very long term. So caving in to pressure or making a quick decision without knowing everything involved in having an abortion can cause devastation after the fact. Madison girls deserve to know the facts first.

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