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Abortion in MadisonIs there anything scarier than having a positive pregnancy test when the last thing in the world you want is to be pregnant? Your first reaction may be to look for a Green Bay, Wisconsin, abortion clinic. Maybe your boyfriend is pushing for an abortion solution. Maybe your parents have said if you don't have an abortion, your plans to attend the University of Wisconsin Green Bay will be ruined.

Statistically 64% of girls in Green Bay and nationwide are pressured into abortion. Once you walk through the abortion clinic doors, there's basically no turning back; so it's important to think about what YOU really want, not someone else. Many guys say they'll leave if their girlfriend doesn't abort. Then after the abortion they leave anyway. No girl in Green Bay or elsewhere wants to be one of those statistics.

Get all the facts about physical complications and emotional after effects by reading real stories of girls who have been there, done that. Remember, you can never have too much information when making such a life-changing decision.

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