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What Is An Abortion?

As you can see from the stories submitted by girls who had abortions, oftentimes they were told at the abortion clinic that the procedure is nothing more than "removing fetal tissue" or "removing a tiny blood clot in my uterus." When they are shown grainy ultrasound images, the reality of what they are about to do isn't clear either. Because abortion is such a life-changing procedure and can't be reversed, it is vitally important to have all the facts before having an abortion.

The facts of an abortion are not pretty, and some people object to seeing such graphic photos, but it is better to see them before making an abortion decision than to be unaware and see them later on.

This is Dr. Russell Saco's widely distributed photo of the feet of a 10-week old aborted baby. At 10 weeks the human body is completely formed. Although the baby is small enough to stand on his/her parents' little fingernail, he/she is so perfectly formed that fingerprints are already in place.

There are several different methods used in performing abortions, depending upon how far along the pregnancy is. Some methods involve physically extracting the baby and others involve the use of chemicals injected into the womb or taken by the mother. The following descriptions provide the details of each method.The pictures of these abortions are graphic and you may not want to see them.

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