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Aurora IllinoisDo you live in the Aurora, Illinois, area and you had a positive pregnancy test? Now you don't know what to do. Do you wonder what your baby's daddy will say? And what about your parents/family? Will they be angry and push you toward abortion? Or are you thinking it would just be easier to abort without anyone knowing you're pregnant?

Abortion is a very serious decision and completely irreversible. It also has potential complications that you may not be aware of. Did you know that 24-year-old Tonya Reaves died on July 20 of complications from an abortion at a Chicago abortion clinic? Her mother has now filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for "carelessly" performing her abortion.

There are other options besides abortion, and there are also many places in Aurora to help you in looking at your options. Abortion is not a decision you should ever make quickly, and NO ONE should ever make that decision for you. You can read many personal stories of girls in Illinois who caved in to pressure from others to abort and then deeply regretted it.

So before you contact an Aurora abortion clinic, make sure you get all the information you can to make a really informed decision and check out the other agencies that can help you to look at all your options. If you decide you really don't want to abort, they can help you with everything you need throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Abortion IL Aurora Illinois Abortion Abortion Aurora Illinois
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