Might Be Pregnant?

So you had sex, whether you planned to or not and whether it was protected or unprotected.
Could You Be Pregnant?

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Thinking About Abortion?

Abortion is serious and permanent. There's no turning back, so don't be pushed or influenced by others. Get all the facts before making your decision.

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Relationships aren't easy, and there are all kinds - friendships, real love, hooking up, having sex, being hurt, getting dumped; so get help when you need it.

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Abuse Issues

Abuse can come from others or can be self inflicted. Know the signs and get the help you need for sexual abuse, incest, date rape, physical abuse, or cutting.

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Abortion Stories

Girls who aborted talk about what their abortion was like, why they chose abortion, and how they feel now.

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  • Abortion Doctors
    Straight talk from doctors who performed thousands of abortions.
  • Abortion Survivors
    Their mothers tried to abort them, but they survived to tell the story!


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TeenBreaks.com was created by teens and for teens to help with all the issues you are dealing with today. Every story on the site was written and submitted by a teen telling his/her own experience. TeenBreaks.com doesn't tell anyone what to think or how to feel. It only shares information and experiences so you can get the facts from others who have dealt with similar issues in order to make good decisions for yourself.

TeenBreaks.com tries to cover many difficult issues like pregnancy, abortion, sexual abuse, relationships, self cutting, and others. New content is added when an issue comes up frequently and teens want to address it.

Getting through junior high, high school, and college can be tough; and handling the relationships you have along the way can be even tougher. Dealing with relationships that turn bad can cause feelings of resentment, anger, jealousy, sadness, depression, hurt, and any number of other things. Then many questions come up as well; like, should I have sex or not; what about hooking up and friends with benefits; what if I get pregnant; should I have an abortion etc., So many decisions. Who can I turn to?

Nearly 10 million teens and young adults have turned to TeenBreaks.com for answers, and many have sent comments about how much they appreciated the help they received as a result.

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